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Nikki Forbes is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and musician based in Asheville, NC. She is currently a student at Western Carolina University. Nikki sings, writes, plays acoustic guitar, and ukulele. If you were to put her music into a genre it would fall somewhere between a pop, indie, folk vibe. She has been playing her own shows since 2014 and looks forward to playing more live music out with all of you.


Ever since she could speak, she sang. Nikki began writing her own songs when she was just six years old which sparked her interest when she thought "If they can write their own songs, then why can't I?" She learned how to play the acoustic guitar when she was twelve which she credits to her mom who "assigned" her to learn four chords from YouTube as a homeschooling assignment. After she could accompany herself, she took her songwriting and ran with it. She has been writing songs and playing shows ever since and continues to seek more musical connection and inspiration every day.

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Nikki's debut EP "Out of the Crowd" was released May 2018 and is available for purchase, download and streaming on all major online music distributors!

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